Book talk: Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma

Well HI my dear dear readers. It’s been a while!

I’ve been so caught up with studies and job searching I haven’t had time to write anything.. but now I’m back, and with a book review!

Why did I chose to write about this book as my first post in a while? Because this book really gave me a push to write something. It needed the attention from me.

FORBIDDEN – Tabitha Suzuma

I read this book in 1 go you guys, what does that mean? That means I read it in 7 hours straight without pausing because it really drew me in like a magnet! I couldn’t sleep…

So, let me tell you a bit about my thoughts before I opened this book:

I read some of the comments and reviews without the spoilers first.. and I was very surprised that some of the most harsh book critics gave it such a high rating while writing that it’s so wrong and so right at the same time. I was confused.. confused to why this book had such a high rating and not because I was being ignorant or something but it’s because the book is about incest – brother/sister love. Are people twisted to love this book? It’s so wrong! How can they say it’s so wrong but they still adore it?

Well let me get into it without spoiling too much.

I went to the libruary, and this book was in the “recommendation” section. “Ok.. it’s recommended here too.” I thought and was even more eager to read it. I came home and before “going to bed” I opened the book for the first time and started reading it.

Let me just tell you, the writer has such a lovely way of telling the story, the way of capturing the feelings of the main characters. It was so beautifully written that it got me hooked already after the first 10 pages.

Now after reading it for a while, I was in shock.. how can something so incredibly wrong written in a way that you almost have an empathy and understanding for it? Is it because I’m ignorant and actually doesn’t really know anything at all and that’s why I thought it was wrong? Because incest IS wrong but who am I to judge?

I have read many books, but a few – I mean just a handful of books made me stop and capture my breath before I could continue. This book made me stop and breathe for a moment until I could continue on reading it. I was so deep, so heartbreaking and absolutely shattered me in pieces.

You know these kind of movies or books or news that make you think and can’t get it off your mind for a few days? This is one of them. It’s so “heavy” and so emotionally drained I just needed a break from it from time to time. It was also so beautiful but at the same time so incredibly horrible that I couldn’t make up my mind to describe it.

Let’s just say this.. this book in NO MEANS try to encourage or justify incest, it does NOT do that. It simply tells the story and gets into the minds of the characters that goes through this twisted forbidden taboo situation. After reading the book, your former opinions on the topic won’t be changed too much.. rather you may have an understanding of how it can happen.

I think people that are interested in human minds, psychology and human interactions and relationships will love this book, it’s a different topic which not many dares to write about.. an universal taboo.

I will also say that this book will NOT be for everyone. You will either ADORE it, and has a special place in your heart for it.. or you would just simply hate it from the beginning. It’s just that kind of book. Keep in mind that being open minded would be needed if you want to read this.

I do recommend it very much, I hate this book but also love it at the same time. Those who have read it or will read it will understand why.

The writer Tabitha Suzuma has also written many books that are very psychological and if you are interested it such, read her other books. She’s brilliant.

Have a lovely Sunday all of you and I’m going to find another book that’s lighter to read to reset my mind now ❤️

Thanks for reading Therosenmiu 🌹

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