Book talk: Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire

Hey there you!

When was the last time you finished a book? Not a book in school – but like a book for fun?

It was a while for me since I caught up to reading because I was so busy with exams and such but now I’m having too much time off and nothing to do, so I started reading this book.


These are my thoughts. Oh.. I will NOT tell you guys anything about the contents of the book, just thoughts because of my hate for spoilers. Oh gosh I hate spoilers so much that I don’t even read the back of books or watch trailers in movies.

Anyways, this book is a book written for young adults I guess.. since it was quite simple and a bit over dramatic. You know stories about how couples can love each other so much they’ll die without one another? Yeah, this is targeted towards those that love these kind of books.

BUT– note this: It’s kinda violent, with almost no consideration to feminism or you know; the things that are talked about alot these days. You can’t read this book if you are over sensitive and a bit butthurt to these kind of things. It won’t be fun and rather disturbing. I have actually quite an open mind and also quite NOT so open and my reactions to this book was: “Ooooh that was hot.. oh no wait, the FK?… Eeehh what the hell do they mean?….. Oh that was sexist…. Damn, I want that kind of action…. Oh so stalker is IN now?…. How come people think this is OK?” Yeah. My thoughts were all over the place, but I tried to be open though!

So, do I recommend it? Well… maybe to some! I know there are girls loving this bad boy vibe, love the feeling of being protected although they are fully aware that they can protect themselves. People that love the love-and-die-together aspect, will love this but remember it is quite violent in a.. not so good kind of way, criminal I might say even, or.. overdramatic kind of criminal way. If you like that – this is perfect for you!

I don’t recommend it to people that hate violence, badboys-fuckboys, these over dramatic stories and unhealthy relationships.

Jamie McQuire is pretty great with her words though, it was easy to read, very catchy and also had quite an understanding of younger peoples’ feelings and thinking pattern.

I think I will give this book 3/5 ⭐️

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