Game talk: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter.

Hi guys!

I took a serious break from writing these couple of weeks because I’m job hunting now and it’s kinda taking over my whole life.. oh and what else? Well… the Playstation is also giving me some stressfree experiences in between job searching periods.

So I just finished this game: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter. I actually started playing it for a few years back.. never got to finished it because I wasn’t so committed to it as I was now. I had studies and such, now I don’t and my brain needed some exercises.

Anyways.. do I have any readers who are interested in mysteries, crime and just pure intelligence while solving them? Anyone who have read the Sherlock Holmes books? Those were my favourite books when I was little, I was obsessed even though I was terrified of some crimes.

This game is actually pretty good and the crime solving part isn’t bad either. Although it’s not that splendid, because it’s pretty much not as “free think” as you would like it to be. I do needed to think a lot about the crimes, the stories, the clues and so on.. but it’s solveable.

Overall, the game is very enjoyable and also kind of creepy sometimes. It’s well connected to each other, the clues and the different stories in the game. The ending was so so, I expected more for the ending but maybe that’s just me.

Anyways.. try this one out if you are interested in mysteries and also some action too. There are action parts were you have to solve different things physically.

You will feel as if you’re super smart when you manage to solve something. It’s a big plus if you’ve read the Sherlock Holms books and understand his pattern of thinking. Remember, I said the books not the series or movies okay?

Anyways.. that’s it for this game recommendation. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do if you do try it out.

Much love ❤️

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