Where to buy Korean Skincare in Sweden without paying customsfee?

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Today I’m keeping the post very short. I live in Sweden and buying Korean Skincare here isn’t as easy as in certain countries. You have to think about taxes, custom fees and so much more, so I thought I would write a short post about where you can buy Korean Skincare in Sweden that don’t really have to go through customs and such. Well, the websites I know at least.

Here you go:

  • Lookfantastic.com: They have a wonderful selection of many brands from Asia and their shipping is really fast, the search box is fantastic and they are a very known webside.
  • Eleven.se: They are also a very known website that had a lot of brands to choose from. Korean, Japanese and even some other Asian countries too. Has a lot of sales!
  • Sephora.com: Well, I reckon most of you already know about Sephora but yes, you can buy Korean skincare there too!
  • Asos.com: lovely website that has so much to choose from clothes to cosmetics and so much more! Some Korean brands are to be found on this website too.
    Skincity.se: a very great website to find skincare, both western and eastern. Great service and lovely testers and gifts!
    Glowid.se: This website sells a lot of Korean skincare, had student discount too!
    Bonnybonny.se: Great website with more selection of brands from Korea.
    Skincaresweden.se: This website had many brands that the other websites does not have such as Banila, Elizavevca etc…
    Lyko.se: Lyko has been great at taking in and selling Korean Skincare, very trusting website with great search box and selection.
    Bangerhead.se: Quite similar to eleven.se with their selections of brands both eastern and western.
    Skinid.se: has a beautybox that you could subscribe to too.
    Cultbeauty.co.uk: an English website that had everything skincare, everything make up – everything beauty!
    Apotekhjärtat.se: a pharmacy company that sells skincare from Korea too.
    Ahlens.se: a very big Swedish company that sells everything including, Korean skincare! Although the selection isn’t that big.
    Kicks.se: one of the biggest Swedish Cosmetics company that has a limited selection of Korean Skincare.
    Knowtoglow.com: a lovely website that has several brands from different parts in the world.

I will update more if I know anywhere else that sells Korean skincare in Sweden/Europe ❤️ take care!

2 thoughts on “Where to buy Korean Skincare in Sweden without paying customsfee?

  1. I’ve heard that buying K-beauty since late 2017 or 2018 became a horror in Sweden, I used skinid.se before, I bought wayskin there the only thing I was annoyed with was a local carrier who literally thought it’s okay not to deliver a package so I had to call couple companies and finally found a company that was supposed to deliver the package but no hard feelings to the shop – only local carriers because they keep doing stuff like not deliver a package and say that it was lost.

    1. Oh yeah, that really sucks! The local carriers can be so tired of doing their job sometimes and we (their clients) lose of packages or sometimes wait too long for them.
      It was in 2018, Sweden decided to go further with the tax from countries outside of EU making it super expensive if we want to buy something Internationally 🙁

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