Greece Trip: Athens

Hello! Hope everyone is doing fine on this beautiful day!

So now, it’s time to talk about Athens; the capital of Greece, the place where people got to speak their minds and to be free! (Or not all, ofcourse… let’s not forget that there were slaves and women who basically didn’t have any rights!!)

Anywhooo, here ya go! Another post about out trip in Greece, this time it’s Athens.

So as all of you know (haha, not), I have studied Ancient Studies, which contains a lot of information about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. That’s why, to even set foot in Greece was a huge accomplishment for me, but to stand at a place where our old historians and philosophers and etc… stood on, is pretty satisfying for me.

We stayed at two airBNBs in Athens, the first one was in Aristotelous street and the other one was on Kritis street.

Let me tell you a bit about these two airbnbs. The first one (Aristotelous street- link here) was a small studio that was so beautifully and smartly decorated and we did a self check in service at the door. We arrived very late at night and the front door was locked but Tonia (our host) was super kind to ask a lady who lived next door to unlock the door for us. We were so happy with the apartment, especially the bedroom which was a perfect cosy bedroom and ofcourse the very modern and clean bathroom. The host had EVERYTHING that we needed, even a washing machine, which I think was a life saver for us.

The neighbourhood is tricky you see, it was not a touristy or beautiful neighbourhood. I would say that it was quite messy. I would not recommend girls going alone on this neighbourhood but we were there ad a couple and we never saw or experienced anything bad at all. Just a heads up!

Tonia was so wonderful, when we left for Santorini, she saw that we forgot some clothes at her apartment and she kept them so we could come and recieve them when we came back to Athens. She has several apartments so if you don’t want to live in Aristotelous, there’s plenty others to stay at!

Our second airBNB was on Kritis street (Link here). We arrived at this apartment after we got home from Santorini and the host (Myrsini) was there to greet us and gave us so much recommendations and tips for our stay in Athens. This apartment was in a very nice neighbourhood and because Myrsini lives there, it’s basically a real home. The balcony had such a beautiful view, we could see the Acropolis from the balcony and a church in front of the building. The bells rang and I just love the sound of church bells, it was so amusing. We felt very much at home at her place!

What we did in Athens

Our first day in Athens, we decided to get on a Hop On Hop Off bus the see how the city looks like geographically, so we’ll know what we should visit first and last.

We took the Red Hop On Hop Off which is I think the traditional ones that’s quite popular everywhere. It had many destinations and went everywhere that’s worth to look at, every historical destinations, parks and markets. We decided that our first stop should be one of the worlds most famous museums; The National Archeological Museum of Athens.

First off, I would like to say that this was one of my dream places to visit. Why? Because the artifacts inside this museum are the ones you get to read about and do researches on if you are interested in Ancient Greece and Rome. So, yes I was very excited!!

We went around, looking at everything in over 2 hours. We could stay longer but it was going to close then. I got to see the greatest and most famous statues in real life and I am very very satisfied.

Another day, we spent walking around the Monastriraki Market, did some shopping for souvenirs and clothes, bought some fruit and just wander around staring at stuff.

Phuc found this cute, lovely very picturesque coffee shop that has different themes every season. The name of the shop is Little Kook and it’s located on Karaiskaki 17, Athens. The theme f the shop this time was Mary Poppins! I loved that, loved their outfits, loved the music, the cakes and everything about that place. It’s not a historical or any special destinations but it’s so so cute and it gave me a really good unforgettable impression!

The cakes are soooo big and sooo sweet! If you are not a sweet tooth, don’t order the sweets there, order something else because it’s really sweet!

Taking pictures is really fun there too, there’s so much to capture in one place because there’s so much decorations and so much going on there.

The next day, we visited a cemetery…. not just any cemetery but Ancient Athens largest cemetery; Kerameikos!

We didn’t go inside though, somehow it just feels wierd walking around a cemetery so we just looked at it from the outside.

So now comes the time to visit the most important place in Athens, the ACROPOLIS!

Outside of the Acropolis, there is a Museum called the Acropolis Museum. It’s a very modern museum with artifacts, sculptires and much more that was found in the Acropolis, it was also built on the living spaces of Ancient people. You could see the bathhouses, the working places, the kitchens and much more from the Museum. It was very eye opening to see the living spaces and the sculptures inside the museum.. they were so incredibly well done!

Getting near to the Acropolis, was a pathway up and there are benches that you can sit on to take a rest. I feel like it’s one of the few places in Athens that is very cool because of how high up it was and it’s a bit windy there.

Here are some pictures of the amazing Acropolis.

We also wanted to visit the Temple of Zeus and I loved it! It was so so beautiful, we could imagine how mighty it was when it was new and used.

As for food. We were in so many places and I didn’t manage to take photos of every plave we ate. Here are some highlights:

We were dying for Asian food because Greek was a bit tiring for us then, so we wanted to visit a Sushi restaurant, we found this one: KOI Sushi – Apollonos 1, Athina 105 57, Greece

For ramen, pho and other Vietnamese/Japanese food: Wabi Sabi Restaurant- Emmanouil Benaki 9, Athina 106 78, Greece

Greek grill food: Tasty Coner – Psaron 45, Athina 104 38, Greece

Well, that’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed my travel tips in Athens!

Thank you for reading my travel diary ❤️

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