Greece Trip: Santorini

Hello again!

I wonder if anyone is interested in my travel diary? It’s fun to write down the things I’ve done and learned that maybe could help anyone who decides to travel to the places I’ve been to, that’s why I’m writing this.

So, after Meteora, (link to the previous post about Meteora here) it was time to take some time off… yes the whole vacation/trip was a time off but we actually never managed to really relax because we walk, tour and do all kinds of stuff BESIDES from relaxing. So it was time… to head to SANTORINI!

I’ve heard that Santorini is packed with tourists and that in a few years, they’re gonna start to decrease the amount of tourists coming to the island, so we had to go before it was too late ya knooo?

Ok.. so, we arrived at Santorini really early. At 7AM. We took a flight from Athens and it took ab less than 50 minutes to Santorini. We stayed at a hotel in Messaria, it’s name is EUCALYPTUS Hotel.. let me tell you this. Hotels in Santorini are super expensive, because it is popular but I found this place and read sooo many good reviews about it and I was so pleased that it actually WAS awesome! The owner, Julia is such a kindhearted lady that really made sure we were gonna have a great time here. THANK YOU JULIA! Link here. She also gave us the room at 8AM, no extra charge. Just because we came early.

The Hotel lies in Messaria, which is in the middle of the whole island. 5 minutes with car/taxi to the airport. 5 minutes to FIRA (capital of Santorini) and then about 25 minutes to Oia, a picturesque place that all the pretty pictures are taken.

It also lies 20 minutes to the famous Black sand beaches, red sand beach and also white sand beaches. You need to check out these beaches because the view is awesommmme!

So the first day, we went to Fira to wander around and see stuff. I found an Indian restaurant, which had great reviews by Indians and We have had sooo much Greek food, we were kinda tired of it so we went there to grab lunch.

The food is incredible! It’s called JAIPUR Palace and wow I have never had better naan bread anywhere! RECOMMEND RECOMMEND. Link here.

After the wonderful meal, we went to explore Fira. Woooooow! It’s breathtaking you guys, the mountains, the sea, the buildings, everything was like a picture! Incredible! Be alert! You have to walk up ALOT to see the view but it’s so so worth it.

Here are some pretty pictures of us, and… me haha! It was so hard to take a picture without people in the background. There are so many tourists and everyone wanted to take pictures ofcourse!

Well wandering around Fira was tiring and we had to tale a bus home to Messaria. Notice you guys. The bus, are a mess… especially at night when everyone want to go home. There are no specific busstops that had signs to anywhere. The buses did not have signs on them either. You have to ask around and pray you will get home. I’m not even kidding. We asked the ticket salesman if a bus was going to Messaria, he said yes. We got up and asked the driver again, he said no… like, what? 😑 and we got out, asked again and they still pointed at that bus. Turns out, the driver didn’t understand English so well.

Well well, we managed to get home somehow and slept in the gorgeous room. Woke up, needed desperately to relax so we decided to go to the beach! Before the beach, we grabbed some food at a restaurant near the hotel, it’s called MIKE’s Grill House. Link here. The food is great there! The owner looks like a kind uncle who’s super nice to his employers and also work as a waiter himself, it’s always really crowded there too.

After food, we wanted to see the black sand beach. The black sand is sand near a volcanic mountain, that’s why it’s black and also.. BURNING HOT!

The beach is super beautiful with many many bars and you are welcome to use their sunbeds and order a drink or food.

After spending time at the beach, we were all refreshed and ready to do more touring, we headed to Oia. The road the Oia was… freakn scary! It was on the mountains and it was so dangerous! The busses ran really fast too, I was scared for my life! Haha. But hey, Oia is incredible! It was so pretty beyond my imagination!

We found a little sign that pointed us to a restaurant, we didn’t even know if the restaurant was good or not but… we wanted to follow the sign haha, and we did.

It was like a little treasure hunt. We found this cute, Greekish restaurant that had wonderful things on their menu and the food was sooo good! It’s called ROKA as you can see. Link here. Really good!

The rest of the day, we went taking photos of the wonderful beautiful view. I have never seen a public place that had such a long queue to take a picture! They had photo spots that were just wonderful to capture the perfect picture.

Here are also some pretty pictures of this beautiful island that I randomly took without any context whatsoever.

Oh.. this island, is an island for cats. The cats here don’t understand how good they have it. I mean, they have this beautiful view to see everyday, and they are treated really good. You can see they are well fed and groomed too.

Well, that’s it for beautiful Santorini. As you can see, I don’t write about the bad places or places that the food wasn’t significant because we ate a lot and writing it all down would be too much, haha. I always write the positive things so the locals shops and restaurants don’t get affected.

I hope this post is going to give you an insight and some tips if you are traveling to Santorini, or just you know.. a fun thing to read.

I’ll be writing about ATHENS soon, it’s the capital of Greece and also, a very important historical place of our history and the history of Democracy.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you so much for reading my Travel blog! 🌹

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