Greece Trip 2: Kalambaka/Meteora

Hey guys!

Let’s continue the 2nd part of the Greece Trip! This time, in Kalambaka and Meteora!

So, let me tell you this. There are places and things you need to see, and when you see it.. it will always be on your mind and you won’t get over how beautiful or how wonderful it is! Meteora is one if those places that you need to see once in your life! It’s like the Roman’s Colosseum.. it’s mesmerizing and you will feel a certain way looking at it.

As I wrote in my latest post, we were in Thessaloniki first and we took a train from Thessaloniki to Kalambaka. This is me so early in the morning eating my breakfast and I was soo tired haha!

It was around 3 hours and the trains were great, they had AC, they were clean and so practical! The greatest, I would say is that you could see the view of the mountains, the villages and everything on your way there.

We even met a really kind kind young man who helped us get on another train to Kalambaka! He was so kind so SHOUTOUT to you man, you are the best!

We booked an airbnb in Kalambaka and it’s actually a city under Meteora because you can’t stay AT Meteora but at the cities below it like: Kalambaka, Trikala and so on.. we chose Kalambaka because it was a slightly bigger city and the transport to the mountains were really good!

Ok, where did we eat?

There were tons of restaurants in this tiny city. Taverns, grill houses, pizza shops and nice restaurants. We chose a fast food grill house that served souvlaki and grill food. It’s called Food Factory. I only had some Greek meatballs and Phuc a XL souvlaki. It was really good. I recommend this place if you are in Kalambaka.

For Dinner, we wanted to get something fancy and with more local flavours. We found this gorgeous restaurant which is the BEST restaurant in Kalambaka in my opinion. The staffs are sooo friendly, the food was just amazing and we even met some cute stray cats. We went there twice and the second time, we were gonna go around Kalambaka for 5 hours before we could hop on the train after we checked out and the staffs offered to store our baggage for us. As I said. SUPER NICE! The place’s name is Valia Calda Restaurant.

Another restaurant that served great food is a Pizzeria called Pizza Land. Omg the ingredients are soooo good! The dough is also soo yummy, recommend recommend! One of the best pizzas we’ve had, and we’ve had ALOT!

Ok. Now to the most important thing. METEORA!

Guys, Meteora is sooo damn beautiful it’s almost unbelievable! It is an inspiration to so many photographers, poets and even movies such as the famous Game Of Thrones series and James Bond! Oh but be warned. You have to walk up the stairs and up the hills ALOT to see the churches. So be ready with good shoes and also good clothes for this.


Meteora or The Meteora Monasteries is a rock formation in Greece that for many centuries ago, monks build 24 monastries on the mountain tops and lived there. The monks wanted complete solitude and away from visitors and other people and what other place to do that, than the 550m high mountains. Now, there are 6 monastries left and are open to the public to visit. There are still monks and nuns living there today and therefore visiting these monasteries, you should have respect for their home and their rules. That means, no shorts, short dresses and short armed tops.

There are skirts that you could borrow before you go into the monastery, I know it can get pretty hot to wear a long skirt below your knees during summer.

We first visited the Monastery of Great Meteoron. This is the largest monastry and it has the most steps up, but guys… the view is speechless! Inside the monastry, you could see the whole city!

Then there’s the Monastery of Varlaam. Outside of the Monastery of Great Meteoron, there is a place where you can capture great pictures of the Monastery of Varlaam. It’s really a great place to capture the view of the mountains!

Another monastery we visited is the Monastery of Rousanou. We didn’t get up but took pictures outside of the monastery.

The fourth monastery we visiting is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. This Monastery was the church in the famous James Bond movie! We sat outside waiting for the bus to get home and we found this cuuuute dog sleeping so unbotheredly outside the monastery. So cute!

Aside from Meteora, we also visited the Museum of Meteora and Mushroom. The mushroom department was do fun! We liked it more than we thought, looking for poisonous mushrooms and eatable ones were so fun.

So that’s it for Kalambaka and Meteora. I will soon write one for our next destination: Santorini island!

Thank you for reading my Travel Diary 🌹

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