Greece trip: Thessaloniki


I’m in Greece y’all! For those you don’t know, I’ve been studying Ancient culture and Society which contains A LOT of Ancient Greece and Rome so this trip is really a dream for me.

I’ll be staying in Greece for 17 days in different cities and the first city is Thessaloniki.

We landed in Thessaloniki really late and got on the bus to the Airbnb that we had booked. Getting to the Airbnb was not easy you guys, public transportation in Thessaloniki really sucks. Google maps, apps and anything is worthless, I even got to the ticket information stall and asked for a map of the routes and it was useless too.

The Airbnb was sooo lovely and homey, it was so practical and had a cute welcoming text for us too!

The first days in Thessaloniki was mainly explored by foot since the busses sucked haha. We went to see the White Tower of Thessaloniki and it truely was beautiful. The whole place was amazing but we were annoyed by the people who tried to rip people off by disturbing them to sell bracelets and such, they are super consistant also and really try to put the bracelets onto the wrists by force.

We managed to escape that madness and went into the tower because there’s a museum inside which leads to the amazing view ontop of the tower.

So, if you are a student inside of EU you get to go in for free, if not it’s about 4 Euros. There were no English translations inside the museum, so you would have to get a audio package for that. We didn’t, that was stupid since we didn’t understand anything at all haha. The view was still lovely and the wind was so amusing since we’ve been walking in 33•C for 2,5 hours.

We contined our walk towards the city, the city centre is so small that you can walk anywhere within 30min-1hour walk. We arrived at the most exciting architecture piece that was also had the first Ancient inscription that I got to try to read in Greece! It was the Arch of Galerius!


The Arch of Galerius is connected to the Rotunda (I’m sorry I didn’t tale a photo of the Rotunda) and are monuments in the early 4th Century A.D. They were monuments that Roman Emperor Galerius commitioned.

It was incredible! The inscriptions were telling the stories about the war and the victory of the Romans with the Persians. There’s different scenarios in each side.

On this side. In the middle of the second inscription, you can clearly see Galerius himself attacking Narses. Galerius on a horse, Narses smaller in size which is understood as that they were inferior compared to their giant component, the Romans.

Anyway, it was really fun to see this and I recommend it to people who love architecture and history alike.

We also visited a street that had beautiful shops and restaurants, I think it’s a bit turisty and therefore it’s pretty to walk the streets but I avoid eating there. Taking pictures was fun there too haha.

We also visited the Archeological museum of Thessaloniki and it’s really impressive! There were English translations everywhere and it’s layout was so good and easy to understand. They had a great collection of things that was amazing to see and we learned a lot! It was also really cool inside from att the hotness ourside so it really cooled us off from the sun.

Yes. It was free for students here too which I personally think should be. Education should be free 100%!

We tried Greek food in Thessaloniki but guys.. it was so sweet, most of the food there! The tradional food aside from Gyros, I mean the sauces are sweet, cakes are super sweet and even coffee!

We did get to try the famous Greek Octopus dish, which we did really really like. It was delicious!

We also had a hard time calling taxis and finding drivers. They did not have UBER or other apps, so the only way was to stand and wink at drivers on the streets. We had an early train to Kalambaka/Meteora so is was a bit stressful not knowing if we were going to walk to the train station that took 30 minutes by foot or if we’d find a taci that will take us there.

This is me soooo damn tired in the morning. NOT a morning person you guys, I’m a night person haha.

Oh, and a quick tip!

Take the train guys! It’s environment friendly, super comfortable, you can see ALL the view that you normaly wouldn’t see and also it’s so much cheaper!

Phuc is always sleeping on trains, planes, cars… EVERYWHERE and I’m thinking ab doing a whole post or album of him sleeping in different cities and countries.

So what did I learn in Greece in these past 3 days?

  1. Greek people are some of the kindest and nicest people I’ve met! Super helpful, happy and lovely.
  2. There are cats everywhere!!! They sleep, eat and play everywhere and it’s so fun to find them sleeping on the places we don’t get to even get in.
  3. There are even stray dogs, they are soooo cute and not aggressive at all! I guess that’s a reflect of the people since people are kind so the dogs doesn’t feel like they need to protect themselves.
  4. Public transportation in Thessaloniki sucks.
  5. Food is average. The price is not as high as in Sweden but you can find different prices if you’re not gonna eat in Touristy areas.

So that’s it for our days in Thessaloniki! Overall, this city was a good welcome to us but we didn’t get to see anything too amazing to make us W-O-W, you know?

Thank you for reading my Travel diary and I’ll be posting a blog about Meteora in the next few days! 🌹

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