Comme Deux Disco Skin mask

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been on instagram and noticed in the skincare community that Tuesdays are for texture, as in #texturetuesday! So what else can I write about, if not one of the most beautiful textures in a skincare product that I’ve seen? The Comme Deux Disco Skin mask.

These are the ingredients:

That was not a huge list of ingredients, which is good. You actually know that it’s not too much you don’t know that you’re putting on your skin.

The main ingredient: Mandelic acid (AHA)

So this is the main ingredient in the mask, I’ve talked about this before when I reviewed the Aloe vera Toner.

Aha or Alpha Hydroxy Acid is extracted from bitter almonds. What it deos is it exfoliates the surface of your skin, deep cleanses your pores and removes dead skin cells and impurities. It is also oil soluble.

The mask itself

Look at the texture! It’s beautiful! I was in love when I opened it and saw how beautiful the texture was, I wanted to use it straight away! Well, the fact that it’s beautiful won’t affect the review of how the product actually works you guys, so don’t worry.. but it’s pleasing anyway haha.

So the texture was very thick, I mean… it was unexpectedly thick. I thought it was going to be a bit softer but it was T H I C K. I don’t mind it being thick, but it is a bit harder to spread it to your skin. Working it into your skin takes much more time, especially if you want to have an even layer.

After spreading it on my skin, I took some time admiring the colour. It was beautiful and it didn’t really have a wierd scent but the scent was there. Nothing, but still something… you won’t notice it much. I’m just extra picky with fragrances.

It says that the mask should be on your face for 10 minutes and then rince it with warm water. Avoid your eye areas.

The mask gave me a bit of a tingly feeling which was common for AHAs so don’t sweat it, I just want to tell you that it’s completely fine.

The outcome

Well, my face felt clean, it did not feel tight so the mask didn’t dry out my skin, it didn’t feel itchy and irritated since I’ve got sensitive skin so I would have felt irritated if I had irritating ingredients.

The only thing missing was that “glow-y” sensation. That, I didn’t get. It did get that exfoliation, clean and hydration part but not the glow-y part.

The glow-y part was then appearing after I used my toner. Which was the Klairs one that I’ve written about too, and you know that the toner is amazing and gives glow but after the mask my face was even more so, “glowy-er”.

In conclusion, I think the mask was great. It had really pretty packaging, great texture and it works. A gentle exfoliation mask with a great name and is pretty as hell! Not a sponsored product and you can buy it here. It comes with a free pretty holographic makeup bag too.

I give it 4,75⭐️ If it really gave me the immediate glow, it would have gotten a 5!

Thank you for reading Lisa’s Opinions!🌹

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