Ginger Honey Lime tea – A home remedy for coughs.

Hey there!

How are you guys? I’m really sick right now and feeling like crap, I’ve been coughing every minute and it hurts so much now that I have trouble breathing. So I remember that my mom usually make this Ginger Honey Lime tea to ease my throat and I guess I just wanna show you guys and maybe it’ll help you if you get sick too.

So here are the ingredients needed:

– Fresh ginger

– 1 lime

– Honey of your choice

– Small cooking pan

These are the steps:

1. Peel off the ginger skin and slice the ginger in thin slices.

2. Hack the ginger.

3. Take a cooking pan, add water (use a considerate amount of water). Add ginger.

4. Boil the ginger with water until you see that the water has gotten a bit yellow and thicker. You can taste the water too, it should be very spicy from the ginger.

5. Put honey into a glass of boiling water and then add the ginger water with some bits of ginger.

6. Press some lime and add some lime slices.

7. Enjoy the spiciness, sweetness and sourness of the tea, remember to chew the ginger pieces and swallow. I promise it will sooth your throat and the ginger pieces won’t be so spicy now after you boiled it.

That’s it guys, haha. This might be the shortest DIY ever but hey, it works 😺 Now please remember to take care of yourself and drink a lot of water.

Thank you for reading my DIY page 🌹

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