Gdańsk day 3.

Heeeello hello!

I’m back home in Sweden now, thinking about where my next destination is, or actually I already know… I’ve planned it for a while now just waiting for the day to come, but let’s talk about it when I’m there.

Today I’m gonna write about our 3rd day in Poland! Our last day was actually not only in Gdańsk but also Sopot.

We started our day visiting Gdańsk Museum of Archaeology. The Museum had a tower that we could walk up to see the whole old town view. It wasn’t too many stairs and the view was absolutely worth it.

The museum itself was OK, I study within the same branch and therefore I might be a bit picky when it comes to museums and such. A plus is that the museum had translations and they were well displayed, but I think they didn’t really have much to actually see to learn more about Gdańsk or Polish culture and history. Talking about museums, we do regret so so much that we didn’t have time to visit the Museum of Second World war. It’s the most famous museum in Gdańsk but it would take about 3-4 hours inside to really see everything and we didn’t really have the time.

Anyway, after that we went outside of Gdańsk old town to grab some food at one of the highest rated restaurants in Gdańsk, it’s called the Meat Shack BBQ. This place is rated as number 2 of all restaurants in The city on Tripadvisor!

Before we order, a quick introduction of the restaurant was done by one of the staffs which made us appreciate the place a bit more. We ordered the dish that we could try every kind of meat there, with sidedishes too. It was sooo good! Really tasty! I do recommend this place so much!

We were soooo full. That is so much more food than we actually can handle, and we usually eat a LOT! We decided it’s time to go to Sopot, to visit this really wierd looking thing that my boyfriend found online.

No, this is NOT that wierd looking thing, it’s just a church we found on our way to that place. A really beautiful church, I love churches.. always love the architecture that churches have, somehow they draw me in and I just feel an urge to take photos of each and everyone if them.

And here is the wierd looking thingy that I was talking about!

What is that wierd looking building? How? Feels like a building from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland book. That really screwed my eyes a bit, because after looking at that for way too long.. I felt a bit wierd, like I tried looking for some other strange buildings or things around me. Or like this city is just wierd, but it’s not! It’s beautiful and very different from Gdańsk.

Anyway that’s the only thing we wanted to see in Sopot, and we wanted to go shopping a bit but there’s nothing special there. We went back by train and tried the best rated ice cream shop in Gdańsk, Paulo Gelateria.

It was… how do I put this? Creamy and the flavours were spot on, but I’ve had better. So it wasn’t wow for me.

We went around looking for stray cats because I wanted to meet the cat I met the day before, you know the one I introduced to you guys on my previous post Gdańsk day 2. We didn’t find it but found others, I think they were all pregnant!

These cats weren’t so friendly and they didn’t want us to get close so we just said hi to them from a far.

That’s basically it for the day. We went home to our hotel and was tired so we took a nap, and woke up at 22:00 haha. Everything was almost closed then so we decided that our last meal in Gdańsk was gonna be….

Instant noodles!! You can NEVER do wrong with instant noodles.

Well, that’s it guys. Our time in Poland has come to an end and we hope to someday come back, it was a great city to visit and we had lots of fun! Thank you Gdańsk for treating us so well these days and …

Thank you for reading my travel blog! 🌹

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