Gdańsk day 2.

Dobry wieczór!

Day 2 just went by and my oh my, I’m really tired even though we didn’t do too much today.

We woke up, again by the bells from st.Mary’s church and had some croissants and coffee to begin our day.

On our way to the museum that we were planning on visiting, we stumbled upon a really beautiful large building of Romanesque with some Gothic features, thought it was some kind of church or something but it was actually a market!

The St.Nicholas Roman Catholic Church layed beside the market and the museum we were visiting was in between the market and the church. It was wierd though… the entré to the museum, not hidden but not screaming “come in” either.

The museum is actually a Romanesque Cellar which is a remnant of a 13th century Dominican Monastery. It was a VERY short tour, but still awesome because it covered a part of Gdańsk history, how Gdańsk was the target for many many wars during the Middle ages.

This place was pretty creepy, they displayed tons of skulls because before the place was built, it was a burial place and their bones are somehow on display there (very creepy). The narrator’s voice was scary and they has this scary movie music that you guys can hear on the video.

We left the place, shaking off the creepy feeling and went to search after food. We wanted to eat seafood and somehow found this Lao Thai restaurant near the water which served Salmon Som tam and Green curry with seabass. We never tried those dishes with fish as the main ingredient so we felt we had to try!

It was not the typical Thai ingredients or taste as we usually actually get in Thailand, it was more westernized but we didn’t mind it. When you set your mind that the food is going to be westernized rather than authentic, you’ll be more open minded and the food will taste more delicious.

After a wonderful lunch, we really didn’t know where we should head next, we just wandered around a bit and found the cutest carousel!

I wanted to go, which I did. By myself, I mean the whole carousel was switched on just for me and myself.. which was fun at first until people came looking at me going by myself and it just got, awkward. Still fun though, don’t really care haha.

Then we walked a bit a saw.. This! Whenever you see this, you gotta go! It’s almost a must.

And we did haha. It was pretty nerve wracking because I am very scared of heights and it was super windy today, which made the booths shake all the time while we were up high. Tried to take a good picture but I won’t try to pretent I wasn’t scared and actually show you how I really felt.

Worried, that’s the expression… wondering if this booth is strong enough and is going to hold both me and my boyfriend. I was so worried that I never really took any pictures, trying to hold on in 15 minutes haha. Why did I ever do this to myself?

The day continues with something I might call the highlight of the day. I met a friend, a cat that is so cute and attention seeking that I spent quite some time with it.

I heard from locals that cats are somewhat one of the symbols in Gdańsk because you can see them pretty often on the streets, many souvenirs are of cat figures too.

Here is me, talking to the cat. Just having a conversation with it.

Oh, it’s soooo cute and so special. After we played with it, it sat there just waiting for the next person to come and play with it. Which there was, because it’s too cute.

The day was finished by us eating at a Mexican restaurant, Poeblo Mexican Restaurant. This Mexican restaurant’s interior was so fun! It’s like a themed restaurant and the tables were booths so you were actually close to everyone but still felt private. CUTE!

That’s Phuc being goofy like always. But yes, the restaurant was super fun and the food was amazing! Cheap, spicy (if you wanted it to) and very filling. I ate Surf and Turf fajitas and Phuc ate fajitas de Puerco.

Me being happy because I got a cherry Margarita and ofcourse being happy because I am being fed.

So where did we go next, after the food? NOWHERE! We were so full we couldn’t even take a walk before going home, we just head straight back home. Trying to plan what to do and what to eat tomorrow, I think we are going to Sopot tomorrow. If you want to know what exciting things lies in Sopot, read my next post.


Thank you for reading my travel diary! 🌹

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