Gdánsk day 1.

Dzień dobry!

I am in Gdánsk! After soooo many recommendations, me and my boyfriend decided to take the trip. How is it going so far? We understand why people love it, it’s wonderful!

We arrived on a Sunday, last bus to the city was the one we were going to take and the ticket box was broken… we only had 100 zloty bills and the bus driver didn’t have the change so we had no other choice than to take a “free” ride to the city. Suuuper stressed but we made it all the way without tickets.

Our hotel was located in the Old Town, Sweet Suite in Swietego Ducha 64 right next to St. Mary’s Church and gosh, the view from our window was just amazing! Much better than we ever imagined it would be.

View from hotel window

View from hotel window

This looks like something straight out of a disney princess movie! It was amazing and we got go see all of it from our window.

Right beside our hotel was a restaurant called Pierogarnia Stary Mlyn. The staff was super friendly and also gave us chocolate when we left (that’s why they are so nice, haha).

Bacon, onion and garlic in FAT, yes.. fat. It wasn’t as scary as in may sound, it’s pretty much like butter.Potato pancakes with mushroom, onions and some kind of sauce which was DELICIOUS!Oven baked pirogues with beef and chilli. I was pretty surprised to like this one so much, better than the steamed ones. The dough was so perfect and the spiciness made the pirogues taste much deeper.Last but not least the steamed pirogues with chicken fillings. The filling was really tasty but the dough is.. eh just normal dough I guess, haha nothing special.

Next morning.

DING, DING! We were both awakened by pretty melodies from the church which we could just stand up from our bed, open the windows and pop our heads out to enjoy. This way of waking up is one of the greatest, close to waking up by the scent of cooked bacon.

Well then, new adventures and food awaits us. Phuc bought some coffee while I was getting ready and somehow the coffee tasted better than it usually does back home. Maybe it’s because we are here and everything is just.. better.Gotta give him the spotlight for a bit, because the buildings behind him are so pretty.

mAnd, that’s me being really happy.Still happy, on the bridge. Behind me are some pretty amazing buildings that looks like those you see in movies.

We decided to look for a place to eat, but the two places that we decided to visit were closed. Both of them, what are the chances right? Haha.. we decided to visit this Japanese placed called Dom Sushi and OMG it’s one of the best Japanese places we’ve ever been to!

Belly full, happy hearts and just like that we continued wandering around in the Old town and then… we ate some more haha. For those who don’t know me, I am addicted to food and food makes me happy, very very happy. Phuc insisted going to a sportbar to get a burger while watching Arsenal playing against Newcastle United. We ended up in a place called Time Out. He had a beer, me a mojito and the atmosphere was really nice, not too “grr we are men in a sportbar” kinda feeling.

Well. That’s it for the first day in Gdansk. Tomorrow will be touring most in museums and other buildings. Let’s see if the museums are interesting here. I’ll update with you guys tomorrow!

Thank you for reading my travel diary 🌹

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