Etude House Olive mask.

G’day g’day!

I’m on the flight to Gdánsk now and a bit bored, thought that I should write something.. so here it is!

Today, I’m going to review this sheetmask from Etude house. I don’t have so much products from Etude house but I like the brand, maybe it’s the name? It sounds cute haha.

Olive oil is no strange product to everyone, nearly every one has olive oil in their home whether it’s for cooking or for beauty purposes. I used to use olive oil to remove my make up for more than 5 years. Now I switched to another oil just because I want to try something new.

What does Olive oil do to your skin?

Olive oil has mamy vitamins that gives the skin tons of benefits. It has vitamin A, D, K and vitamin E.

It is an antioxidant that prevents and reverse damage from can-causing ultraviolet radiation. It has an ingredient calles squalene and it gives olive oil extra antioxidant boost.

It gives moisturization and fights bacteria. It cleanses the acne by killing off the bacteria that causes acne.

The mask itself.

Ok… so here comes the truth. WHAT ON THE SWEET EARTH DID THEY THINK WHEN THEY MADE THIS MASK? Look at the form! The cuts at the mouth part is soooo tiny that it’s impossible for my lips to go through. And the cuts at the eyes…. man that is dangerous. The cuts are so tiny that however I moved it, it will just not fit. Trust me, I tried and struggled.

That is noooot cute! It’s dangerous. So I did not leave this on for long at all, I don’t want to feel uncomfortable having a mask that should make me feel comfortable.

My face afterwards felt good, moisturized and soft but not so plumped. The after feeling on the skin is nice. Although I can’t get over the form of the mask though.

That’s my short and humble review. Hope it helped in some kind of way for you guys. I give the mask 2/5 ⭐️ it would get 4 stars if the form was better.

Thank you for reading Lisa’s Opinions! 🌹

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