DIY Coffee scrub.


I’ve been studying until morning these last few days and felt like my skin was very tired, sad and disappointed in me.. by giving me some breakouts *crying*. So today I decided I would treat it with some natural DIY skincare. COFFEE SCRUB! ☕️

This isn’t really any genius DIY but actually something most people know about.

Okey, so first of all. I love coffee, every now and then when I make coffee for myself at home, I always enjoy this DIY scrub because it’s super cheap and I feel like I’m super smart just because I’ve double used something haha.

Everyone knows what coffee is right? How it tastes and it’s effects on you right? Do you know what benefits it has to your skin though? Maybe you do but I’ll tell ya anyway..

Coffee’s benefits for skin

  • Caffeic Acid:
  • Caffeic Acid is very popular in skincare regimens. It has antioxidant and anti flammatory propeties which is great to use for skin treatments against UVB-induced skin damage.
    • Chlorogenic Acid:
  • Chlorogenic Acid has tons of benefits for your skin, it is found in Coffea arabica seed oil and Coffea robusta seed extract. It reduces redness, aging, discolouration, gives your skin better texture, brightens your skin and also gives your the hydration it needs.
    • Polyphenols:
  • Polyphenols are a group of many antioxidants which and be found in wine, chocolate and fruits. It protects you from sun damage, from free radical damage, skin cancer and it repairs your skin.
    • Vitamin B3 (niacin)
  • Vitamin B3 increases keratin, prevents water loss, increase the skin’s elasticity and enhance the skin’s barrier function. It has great benefits for aging skin and for reducing acne.
  • You seeeee? Tons and tons of benefits!

    I don’t know how all of you make your coffee. I make mine with a filter, so the coffee residue is left behind after my coffee is done. Which I will take to scrub my face or arms or the whole body if there’s enough.

    With the scrub

    Sometimes if I have time, I’ll put some coconut oil or jojoba oil in to mix with the coffee residue, it not I’ll just use the residue.

    Don’t scrub your face hardly! It would be too harsh for your face. Massage your face very very gently, and leave it on for a while and then wash it.

    After the coffee scrub

    Do you see the glow!?? It’s still a tiny bit red from the exfoliation and as you can see, my breakouts under my eye and cheek area but my skin is much brighter and less dull than before.

    Try it, it’s efficient, fast, cheap AND leaves your face feeling amazing!

    I just wanna tell you guys that the coffee that I used is from Vietnam. Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee? The real deal and not the ones that are in restaurants with a bunch of condensed milk and sugar. Well, you should! If you like strong, powerful and really rich coffee, try it out.

    NJOY coffeeNJOY coffee

    The one I usually drink and used for the DIY can be bought here. It’s made by real passion and love for coffee, how would I know? My aunt and uncle owns the brand! They have been traveling around Vietnam to learn, to train and to understand coffee because they want to make wonderful coffee for themselves and share it with others. My uncle’s passion for coffee is just amazing, he talks about it all the time… and it shows when you take the first sip of his coffee, pure Love. I’m not here to sell anything, and no one has asked me to do so. I just want people to know that it’s often smaller brands that actually gives so much love to the things they produce so don’t miss trying them out.

    Well that’s it!

    Thank you for reading Lisa’s Opinions! 🌹

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