Gametalk: Assassin’s creed Odyssey.

Heeeey! So I thought that I would take a break from “beauty blogging” to write about another hobby of mine, gaming!

The Assassin’s creed video game franchise is one of my favourite adventure games and I’ve played 4 of them. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the newest of them all and it’s amazing!

First of all, you get to chose to play as a female or a male.. guys, choose the female! Her name is Kassandra and the voice actor is Melissanthi Mahut. I chose the female version and my boyfriend chose the male version, we both agree that the female version is much better. The voice actor does an amazing job doing her voice, the impressions, the tone and everything is just on point!

Image from nerdbot

There’s something about Kassandra’s face that’s also better than the male version (Alexios) voice by Micheal Antonakos. Her expressions and characteristics of her face are also very suitable for the situations that are given in the game.

The game starts slow, but gets really interesting after a while. So many quests to do and so many choices you can make. This is a game you can choose your own answers and outcome so you will feel really free to do what you want to do.

The graphics of this game is amazing, the view is just spectacular! I study Ancient studies and the game is just very special to me, people that made the game considered the historical aspects very well. I wouldn’t say that it’s 100% historical correct since it’s a game but it’s pretty well done.

I’m not even halfway to this game but I’ve been playing for months and I’m still not bored yet. Here’s a hilarious picture of my boyfriend’s character:

Oh, you also get to meet Socrates, Herodotus, Hippocrates and other famous historians which is freaking awesome if you are a historian geek like me! If you’re not so interested in Ancient Greece, you will still find this game really fun to play. So try it and maybe it’ll be your favourite game too!

That’s enough chitchat for today.

Thank you for reading Lisa’s Opinions! 🌹

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