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Today is International Women’s day and while the day is celebrated differently in different cultures, I think it’s still important to remember the day as it originally is with fun facts so I don’t bore you guys and scare you away.

So first fun fact: purple is the colour to symbolising women, internationally. It is the colour of justice and dignity.

Second: 19 March 1909 was the first international women’s day and was honoured in Denmark, Austria, Germany and Switzerland with rallies campagning for women’s rights.

Third: It later changed to 8 March (1911) and was also used as a mechanism for protesting World War I.

Fourth: It is a day to celebrate the many contributions and achievements of women throughout history. Also to remember their sacrifices during a time that is unbelievably hard for women to have a voice.

Fifth: UN has a theme for International Women’s day every year. This year it is: “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change with the hash tag #BalanceforBetter 

Sixth: the celebration helped Russian women to get the right to vote.

Seventh: The day is combined with Mother’s day in some countries.

Eighth: 40%+ of those who are interested in the women’s rights topic are men based on google search.

Ok, now to some other facts that aren’t fun.

– UN’s declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against women (1993) was in Geneva to end violence towards women, but 35% as in 1/3 women worldwide are still victims of physical or sexual violence.

– 33 000 girls are victims of child brides every day.

– In some countries, women have a higher educational level than men but still receive lower income.

– Women spend 16 million hours collecting water each day (25 countries).

Now these are just some facts that I wanted to share with you on this beautiful day. This is a day to love to care and to respect everyone around you but… just a bit extra to the women around you. Live in the present but don’t forget the past ✌🏼

Oh, and I love you mom!

That’s my little opinion of the day! Leave ya comments if you want to share any other facts and… Welcome back to Lisa’s Opinions! 🌹

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