I have no plans.

It’s 4:30AM right now.. and I’m actually writing my first story ever. I have never had any special interest in blogs, especially blogging but yesterday morning the idea just hopped right in into my mind: “I should start blogging!”, so I ran to my room where my boyfriend’s still sleeping and told him that I wanna start blogging. He was really supportive and asked me what I will be writing about? Well… I don’t have any plans, some ideas maybe… but no plans. Some says things are best unplanned anyway so maybe messiness will make it perfect.

Right now I’m studying Ancient Studies and will soon take my bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage with specialization in Social Anthropology and Ancient Studies. So I’ve been studying for a while now, with jobs in between and I just wanted to try something new… or, no that’s not it, I think what I mean is that soon my life will not be so “organised” as it was while studying and I want something that I will completely be in control of. Which is what I want to share in this little space of mine, haha.

So yeah, today is March 7th and I’m such a perfectionist that I would want to design and perfect this page before telling everyone that I’m blogging so maybe no one’s gonna read this until much later on. I will be writing about things I like, such as beauty products, beauty hacks, my life (I do like my life), travels, food and… oh yeah manga, anime and games haha! 🤓

Wanted to wait until the last minute to introduce myself to you guys, those who don’t know me: My name is Lisa, or San, or miu. Call me whatever you prefer and……

To be continued..

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